3 Must-Read Books for Every Digital Marketer

Why should we read books on Digital Marketing?

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If you are reading this you are either a Student, someone Looking for a Job, an Agency Owner, a B2B Marketer, a Small Business Owner, a Sales & Business Dev. Executives, a Business Coach, you might want to Build a Personal Brand online, a Financial Services person, an Attorney, a Realtor, or a Speaker.

With Digital Marketing you want to reach an end goal.

In the process of reaching your end goal Books on Digital Marketing will save lots of time and energy. You will hit the road running.

Firstly, Books are good for your brain.

Secondly, Reading Digital Marketing books will make you a better writer.

Thirdly, and most importantly, Books will introduce you to new ideas.

Moreover Digital Marketing puts you on a global platform, good books will strengthen your worldview and conviction.

In conclusion to execute strategies in Digital Marketing you will need self-discipline and consistency. Reading Books will help you improve both self-discipline and consistency.

Last but not the least Reading Books on Digital Marketing will inspire you.

To increase your online presence, mastering the fundamentals is most important. In other words Books are those stepping stones to epic online presence.

Say for example if you get to learn basketball from Micheal Jordan from Day one.

You will definitely be a better player.

Here’s a list of Top 3 books that I think every digital marketer should read.

Why just 3 you may ask. Start with 3. Once you are done reading the 3 books.

Send me an email, [email protected], I have a list of 30 more waiting for you 😉

Just these 3 books will give you tangible results. Above all, its just the starting point.

I strongly believe if I could go back in time to when i started my digital marketing career. These are the only books I would read.

1. Web Analytics 2.0 – Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik, is the Analytics Evangelist for Google and a prominent speaker.

Evangelist:- a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching. I am sharing the meaning here because i did not understand the meaning myself in the first go 😀 😀

In Web Analytics 2.0, Avinash will completely transform your views on the relevance of online data. Above all for us to be successful online we should have an analytical bend of mind.

We must know at all costs how to convert that data into a achievable goals.

With easy-to-understand analytical framework your mind will take a quantum leap with tactical strategies and execution models. With the help of tactical strategies and execution models, Avinash presents the analytical framework in an easy-to-understand format.

The book will change your perception about analytics.

Web Analytics 2.0 will explain in detail

  • Data Reconciliation
  • Measuring Social Media and Multimedia Campaigns
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Core Matrices
  • and tons of other information

Web Analytics 2.0 – Buy from Amazon India

2. Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Permission Marketing, this one term defines how digital marketing works. As a matter of fact from the time this book was published till now it has been considered a marketing classic.

I was so fascinated by his thoughts that I thought of buying his signature yellow glasses.

Unquestionably the difference between ‘Interruption Marketing’ and ‘Permission Marketing’ was most thought provoking.

The way Seth Godin emphasizes the need for treating permission as a privilege helps marketers shape their message in accordance with customers’ willingness.

The Four tests of Permission Marketing can be implemented immediately to build trust and create brand awareness.

Seth Godin, is the founder of Yoyodyne and Squidoo. He was admitted into the Digital Marketing Hall of Fame in 2013. An author of 18 books published which are published in more than 35 languages, this book is a must read.

Permission Marketing – Buy From Amazon India

3. The Art of SEO (3rd edition) – Eric Enge

Search Engine Optimization is the starting point of any digital marketing conversation. This third edition has an updated list of SEO tools and search engine optimization methods.

This is a no easy read. It is a 990+ page massive detailed guide. As a reader you will get the glimpse of how search operates.

What are the effects of various algorithmic updates, which tools to use for tracking results. Mobile is adding new dimensions every so what to expect to achieve your goals. What is local and vertical SEO. You will find all these answers and much more.

Eric Enge, is the CEO, and founder of digital marketing agency Stone Temple Consulting. Eric is known for breaking common myths in the search engine industry. He is an authority on SEO like no other.

The Art of SEO – Buy From Amazon India

In Conclusion

Read these books. Re-read them. Each time you will get new insights into the digital marketing. Master the fundamentals first. Trust me on this one you will be the a better version of yourself. Once you start achieving your goals do not forgot to thank me!

It is your turn now.

Please share your must read Books on Digital Marketing via comments below.

Thank you.

Also if are looking for better reading for you and your kids Read the Reading Redefined Blog by my friend Guna Sekar . 

Best Apurv.

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