Top Personal Branding Success with Examples.

“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…

The point is, Think Different.

Steve Jobs & Ramdev Baba represent a brand. Yes its kinda obvious, but a similarity to begin with. A generation of users follow them. Not all Apple products are great in design, nor every Patanjali product is “ayurvedic”.

Par followers ko kaun samjayee they will buy Apple for design & Pantanjali for ayurveda!!! The impact they have can never be overestimated.

Let’s get into the details…

1. Marketing.

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How To Build An Empire Using Personal Branding.

Quick Questions.

Question 1. Which person comes to your mind when I say the brand name Apple?

Question 2. Which person comes to your mind when I say the brand name Patanjali?

Answer 1:- Steve Jobs.

Answer 2:- Ramdev Baba.

The answers were kinda obvious. Steve Jobs & Ramdev Baba in my eyes are the best example of a Personal Brand. They have all the attributes of a GREAT BRAND. They have a sense of competitiveness, both are distinctive, they are passionate about what they do, they are consistent, and have great leadership quality.

Just the mention of these names and you start seeing the MASSIVE BRANDS which they have created. Apple is now $2 trillion, the most valuable company in the world. Patanjali group eyes to be Rs. 40,000-crore company in 2020. All of this started by creating Personal Brand, a Personal Brand that would transcend generations.

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Stubborn and Stupid : The Journey of an Accidental Entrepreneur.

From a Digital Marketing Manager to an entrepreneur in the Real Estate industry to a revolutionary science based fitness company to an award winning an Digital Advertising Agency.

This former Sales and Marketing guy from a small town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, dreamed to digitize India’s 2 industries and empower 5 million small business with the magic of Digital Marketing.

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3 Must-Read Books for Every Digital Marketer

Why should we read books on Digital Marketing?

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If you are reading this you are either a Student, someone Looking for a Job, an Agency Owner, a B2B Marketer, a Small Business Owner, a Sales & Business Dev. Executives, a Business Coach, you might want to Build a Personal Brand online, a Financial Services person, an Attorney, a Realtor, or a Speaker.

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Hello World!

Welcome to

This is my first post. After a lot of editing / deleting i have, started writing!

This Blog is going to be about a lot things, things I am passionate about.

1. Digital Marketing

2. Graphic Design

3. Body Building

4. Growth Hacking

5. Advertising

6. Investing

7. Entrepreneurship

and Many More.

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