Stubborn and Stupid : The Journey of an Accidental Entrepreneur.

From a Digital Marketing Manager to an entrepreneur in the Real Estate industry to a revolutionary science based fitness company to an award winning an Digital Advertising Agency.

This former Sales and Marketing guy from a small town of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, dreamed to digitize India’s 2 industries and empower 5 million small business with the magic of Digital Marketing.

Version 2.0

It was the year 2020, even after 3 years of consistent work and effort on his Real Estate Brokerage Busines Rohiwal found himself at the cross roads. This is his remarkable journey and how he decided to create his Version 2.0 at the lowest low of his first entrepreneurial stint.

I vividly remember the day, it was 5th September 2020. When I mustered the courage to carry on. I was three years into the Real Estate Brokerage business, and the going was not that good. The business was slow, the market sentiment was low and light at the end of the tunnel was not visible at all.

The Real Estate work was an accidental entrepreneurial venture. Because of the pandemic most startups where struggling with cash flows. That is when I told myself, this is the time to be stubborn and keep at it. Weather it is a stupid decision to carry on only time will tell.

The rest as they say is history, with literally zero capital investment Apurv Rohiwal went on the start 2 companies both based on his passion. First one focusing on Fitness and second a Digital Advertising Agency his life long dream.

When I announced the plan to start a Fitness Academy and Digital Advertising Agency to my team and friends. A few said, “JUST DO IT”, While most said that “There are already a gazillion startups with the same idea and you will fail. This will lead you nowhere” I had to make a choice. I listened to my heart and started Rohiwal Fitness Academy and Appu Adwala on 15th September 2020

Today at the start of September 2027. And both Rohiwal Fitness Academy and Appu Adwala completes seven years of an excessively passionate and relentless pursuit of excellence. Rohiwal is about to start a whole new exciting chapter in the entrepreneurial journey.

Apurv Rohiwal said, “Each and every day of the last 7 years we as a team have collectively decided to create stories of success.”

  1. Success Stories of people achieving there dream physical transformation because we are a science based results focused fitness consultants.
  2. Success Stories of Entrepreneurs achieving there revenue targets because we have a revenue focused strategic advertising and business consultation mindset

Self believe and relentless passion for the work we do is the only thing we had on our side. A feeling a belonging to a family where you work, love for the people we serve and energy is what we have they have always thrived on.

Chapter 1 :- The Call to Adventure

Fitness was always close to his heart. As he recalls, photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger always in his room during his childhood days. The starting point of his fitness journey was in 2011 during his MBA at Symbiosis when he began to transform himself. The major turning point on his fitness journey was when his daughter Savi was born in April 2020.

The world was suffering with a global pandemic. That is when he decided to educate himself about fitness. He completed his education online, and began his transformation.

During the 2020 corona pandemic, I thought it was the right time to start my own venture in the fitness industry. Because Most people rely on tips from friends and internet from the so-called experts. They often fall prey to a plethora of misinformation myths and fad ideas.

I wanted to change the way people thought. I strongly believe that education and correct information is the key and that’s what set me to start this journey

Once people started seeing the results more and more people started joining his group. He decided to create a Facebook group. He also wrote a small E-book called Downloaded Dreams. To help people stay fit

As the group numbers increased that’s when I finally decided to turn my passion into a full time profession.

From a small Facebook group which started 7 years ago to over 10 lakh active members. Apurv Rohiwal has come a long way. On asked how different is his Fitness Academy different from the rest of the players in the market.

He says, “The approach is always that the average person to understand the concepts and take it forward. Implement those ideas and take it to the next level by teaching it to others. There’s always a peer group. It supports each other. The group of members support each other and that’s how they have improved. That’s how we optimize each and every process of ours.

When asked the overall revenue and business model Apurv Rohiwal says, “See the platform is very simple. Right now 500 members who are certified fitness coaches with our platform help us with revenue generation of the first stage, which is training. Training is our major focus. Second stream of revenue is the percentage which we get from the Coach’s because we give them the platform to connect with passionate fitness enthusiast”.

Rohiwal said each and every customer of ours is unique, with utmost priority given to science based fitness transformation. Everything is custom made, after understanding the clients needs.

Most users are in the age bracket of 18 – 40, with varied set of goals to achieve the ultimate fitness image of themselves. So in this exciting adventure we consider each other as Athlete’s preparing for a competitive sport.

Since 2020, Rohiwal Fitness Academy claims to have transformed 2 lakh people. As per Rohwial, 60 percent of its users are Tier I and Tier II cities in India, with age group of 18 and 40 years.

With over 500 coaches and adding over 7,500 new clients every quater, with a 37 percent renewal rate. The fitness academy is going head strong in the the decade. At present, there are 30,000 daily users using the platform. Since the start, Rohiwal Fitness Academy has accumulated revenue amounting to 130 cores pulse.

Chapter 2 :- The Freedom to Live.

Heading one of the best-known ad agencies in India is far away thought from growing up in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

Rohiwal stumbled upon advertising in a very interesting way. It was his second year of engineering when a close friend gave him a chance to be a part of a group organizing an advertising competition in the college. That is when he discovered advertising as a career.

Outside the then boring engineering routine he was always reading. He had aspirations to be a writer or a graphic designer. He never cared whether he was writing for comic books novels or anything of that sort. It was then we he discovered the term “Copy-writing”.

From then on it was a constant pursuit to be find a career in the creative domain. And he had a dream of someday starting his own agency. He risked everything to setup a Appu Adwala in 2020. It was a NOW OR NEVER find of an opportunity.

A combination of arrogance & ignorance lead me to believe that sitting in Pune I could get clients from around the world

Over seven years on the risk, which he took. Seems to have been paid off.
The agency has worked with everyone from the Times of India to Entrepreneurs from small town cities.

And his wisdom and creativity has won countless Awards and accolades in the process. The vision is simple, to help people with small businesses make a profits with the right set of advertising and strategic business inputs.

He still believes that today’s most exciting time to start a career in advertising and digital marketing.

Apurv Rohiwal has taught more than 5,000 students online, and earned over Rs 15 crore in revenue from his Advertising and Digital Marketing services over the years.

All this was possible only because he took a decision to create a Version 2.0 of himself with a Digital Mentor called Digital Deepak.

If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney

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